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The Certification Management Services Team at Clemark Group provide an impartial resource to help you through the certification process.  We are NOT a Certification Body.

Manage Your ISO Certification with Certification Management Services

Our certification management team has worked with globally accredited certification bodies, both large and small, for over 20 years.  

We have supported many organisations through the ISO implementation process and helped them choose the right certification body for their needs.  

We have conducted Internal audits and observed external audits from many different bodies.

With all this experience, we are well placed to help you get the most out of your certification!

Free Referral Service

We still offer a free consultation and referral service where our ISO Certification experts will review the scope of your requirements and make referrals to certification bodies who we believe can best meet your needs.  

Get Comparative ISO Certification Quotes  |  Get Comparative ISO Certification Quotes 

Get Value for Money from your ISO Certification

ISO Certification can be a significant investment.  Talk to our experts to ensure you are getting value for money from your ISO Certification.  

Decide on an Effective Scope 

The scope of your ISO Certification can often have a big impact on cost and customer satisfaction.  

Our certification management team has detailed knowledge of how audit time is calculated using MD5, ISO 27006 and other guidance documents, so we can help you budget your certification costs.

Read more: How Are ISO Certification Audit Days Calculated?

Prepare for External Audits

Our qualified and experienced ISO Consultants can help you prepare for your external audits by reviewing documentation and conducting internal audits to identify potential weaknesses and issues before they occur.

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Review Your ISO Certification Provider

As with any supplier, reviewing the performance of your ISO Certification Provider can lead to many benefits.  

Our experts can help you review your current service and ensure you get added value from your certification service.

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Support to Transfer your ISO Certification

If you do decide to transfer your certificate to a new provider, we can help you prepare the required documentation and arrange the transfer. 

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