ISO 20252 Certification

ISO 20252 is the internationally recognised standard for market, opinion and social research. 

ISO 20252 establishes terms, definitions and service requirements for service providers conducting market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics

Key features of the standard include:

  • Process Approach,
  • Information Security,
  • Legal Requirements,
  • Additional Guidance.

Pre ISO 20252 Certification

Before approaching a ISO 20252 certification body, you’ll need to understand the requirements of the standard and implement the requirements.

It can often too difficult to interpret the clauses of that standard, so many organisations turn to ISO 20252 consultants for help. ISO Consultants may offer many different services including gap analysis, drafting documentation, training  and conducting internal audits.

Benefits of ISO 20252

ISO 20252 is widely recognised in the research industry and can be used in the supply chain to select high quality suppliers.

In addition, implementing best practices within your organisation helps drive efficiency and reduce errors.


Organisations can demonstrate their commitment to the standard by obtaining ISO 20252 Certification which requires an impartial audit of their processes.