ISO 42001 Certification of AI Management Systems Moves Closer

The international standard for an Artificial Intelligence Management System, ISO 42001, was published in 2023 and accredited ISO 42001 certification is already a step closer.

What is ISO 42001?

ISO 42001 follows the familiar Annex SL management system structure, meaning it can easily be integrated with other standards such as ISO 27001.

The standard takes a risk-based approach and requires AI Risk Assessment and AI Risk Treatment processes. It also requires an AI Impact Assessment to be conducted.

The standard includes some useful implementation advice in the annex.

Artificial Intelligence has recently taken a big leap forward with the development of chatbots and generative AI. The UK Government even held an International AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park to discuss the potential risks of AI and how to mitigate them through international cooperation.  Read more: AI Safety Summit 2023 – GOV.UK 

Find out more about the ISO 42001 Standard.

How can I Get ISO 42001 Certified?

While there may be organisations offering certification earlier, we recommend waiting for national accreditation bodies, such as UKAS, to create a scheme and assess certification bodies to be competent, before you invest in ISO 42001 Certification.

In December 2023, UKAS asked Certification Bodies to express interest in certifying organisations to ISO 42001 and to help the accreditation body establish its own assessment process through a pilot project.

However, while this does move ISO 42001 certification one step closer, there is still a long wait before organisations will be able to gain certification themselves.

If there is enough interest for a pilot project, the results may still render it unviable.

So although certification is not mandatory, it plays an important part in the adoption and credibility of standards within the supply chain.  

Read the UAKS Call: Artificial Intelligence Management Systems Certification 

Get Started with ISO 42001

As with any new standard, it takes time to fully understand and optimise the requirements into an effective management system.  

Many valuable learning opportunities come from operating the management system within an organisation and through certification.

Assent is taking time to review and understand the requirements in the usual way we work to Understand New ISO Standards. We are looking for early adopters to work through the ISO 42001 implementation process with our consultants.  

Are you interested in ISO 42001?

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