Lexcel Certification

Lexcel is the International Standard to help all legal practices and departments to distinguish services, sustain regulatory compliance and improve profitability.

Key features of the standard include:

  • Customer Service,
  • Information Security,
  • Legal Compliance Obligations & Evaluation,
  • Risk Management.

Pre Lexcel Certification

Before approaching a Lexcel certification body, you’ll need to understand the requirements of the standard and implement the requirements.

It can often too difficult to interpret the clauses of that standard, so many organisations turn to Lexcel consultants for help. Lexcel Consultants may offer many different services including gap analysis, drafting documentation, training  and conducting internal audits.

Benefits of Lexcel

Lexcel can help your practice or in-house legal department to:

  • Increase profitability and efficiency,
  • Comply with new practice rules and regulatory requirements,
  • Attract new business and increase client retention,
  • Increase client satisfaction,
  • Manage risk effectively,
  • Access lower insurance premiums and receive favourable treatment from insurers.

By achieving Lexcel you are ensuring that the whole of your practice is covered including those departments delivering legal aid services.