TISAX Certification

TISAX is a widely recognised and accepted information security standard specifically designed for the automotive industry. TISAX provides a comprehensive framework for assessing and certifying the information security management systems (ISMS) of automotive organisations and their partners.

Key features of TISAX certification include:

  • Scope and Assessment Levels: TISAX offers different assessment levels based on the organisation’s role and the sensitivity of the data they handle. These levels include “Basic,” “Standard,” and “High.” The scope of assessment covers various aspects such as data protection, physical security, access controls, incident management, and supplier management.
  • Exchange of Assessment Results: TISAX operates as a trusted platform for sharing assessment results between participating organisations. This eliminates the need for redundant assessments and promotes efficient collaboration while maintaining data confidentiality.
  • Continuous Improvement: TISAX certification is not a one-time achievement. It emphasises the importance of ongoing monitoring, review, and improvement of information security practices. Regular assessments and audits ensure that organisations remain compliant and up-to-date with evolving security threats.

Pre TISAX Certification

Before approaching a TISAX certification body, you’ll need to understand the requirements of the standard and implement the requirements.

Requirements include:

  • Self-Assessment,
  • Engaging an Accredited Assessment Provider,
  • Assessment and Report,
  • Corrective Actions and Follow-up,
  • Issuance of TISAX Certificate.

It can often too difficult to interpret the clauses of that standard, so many organisations turn to TISAX consultants for help. TISAX Consultants may offer many different services including gap analysis, drafting documentation, training  and conducting internal audits.

Benefits of TISAX

TISAX can help your organisation to:

  • Enhance Data Security: TISAX certification ensures that organisations have robust information security measures in place, including data encryption, access controls, and incident response procedures.
  • Comply with Industry Standards: By obtaining TISAX certification, automotive companies demonstrate their commitment to adhering to industry-specific standards and regulations.
  • Improve Supply Chain Management: TISAX certification facilitates secure data exchange among different entities within the automotive supply chain.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: TISAX certification is increasingly becoming a requirement for doing business in the automotive sector. Having this certification can give organisations a competitive edge, as it demonstrates their dedication to information security and their readiness to meet the stringent requirements of industry leaders.

TISAX is Not Just for Automotive Manufacturers

Although it was developed by and for the automotive industry, the TISAX standard permeates the whole supply chain, meaning anyone who works with an automotive company may be required to achieve TISAX Certification, even if they are not directly involved in the production of a vehicle.Read more: TISAX – It’s not just for Motor Manufacturers – Assent Risk Management