What is ISO Certification?

In this context we are looking at business certification against recognised standards and schemes such as ISO. Certification can bring many benefit

An Independent Audit

Before achieving certification, your organisation will go through a series of audits and checks, for the certification body to evaluate how well you comply with the particular standard or scheme.

These certification bodies are impartial, which means the feedback you get from the audits is completely independent and objective.

Sometimes it takes someone from outside the organisation to see obviously improvements.

A Recognised Certification Mark

ISO Certification comes with a certification mark that you can use on stationery, websites and vehicle livery. Next time you are on the road, look around, you’ll recognise many of the main certification marks on vans and trucks.

Many value these marks as a way to demonstrate their commitment to a particular theme.

Certification for Tendering

Certification can provide a competitive advantage during the tender process, with many procurement departments taking certification in to consideration at the early stages of a tender.

In some cases, certification can exempt organisations from answering entire parts of a pre-qualification questionnaire, which speeds up the response process.

Driving Continual Improvement 

Above all else, certification drives continual improvement, through regular objective audits and monitoring of processes.

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