Why do Organisations change ISO Certification Body? (Research Jan-Aug 2023)

CertBodies.co.uk is an independent website helping organisations choose an ISO Certification Body to meet their requirements. We do not provide certification or accreditation.

Through our work we gain a unique and impartial market insight, which we share below.

Why do people change their ISO Certification Body?

Our transfer enquiry form includes an open text field where enquiries can state a reason for their transfer. We have analysed and categorised this data to produce the following key reasons people change their ISO Certification Bodies:

  • ​​Price: Enquiries told us that prices had increased and/or they were seeking comparison prices.
  • Accreditation Issue: Enquiries told us their current certification body did not have the accreditation they needed. This includes enquiries moving from non accredited bodies, enquiries who’s current certification body lost an accreditation and enquiries who expanded the scope of their system and the current certification body did not have accreditation.
  • Routine Change: Enquiries told us that they regularly change their certification provider.
  • Auditor Availability: Enquiries told us they were looking for better auditor availability.
  • Back-Office Issue: Enquiries told us that they wanted better service and support from their Certification Body.
  • None Given: Enquires who did not provide a reason in the same period.

ISO Certification Market Insights

The number one reason organisations want to change their certification body is because of price. Either prices have risen at their current certification body or market pressure have led them to seek comparative and competitive costs.

A special note should be made regarding the “Accreditation Issue” category during this time. Due to a UKAS accreditation withdrawal, a number of enquiries were seeking an alternative provider. This is not a common occurrence.

About this Research

This research includes ISO Certification Transfer enquiries only, during the period of January 2023 to (and including) August 2023.

The enquiries are validated as genuine companies who help ISO Certification at the time they enquired. The sample size is 23. Data is primarily from UK organisations relating to UK certification bodies.

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